Cdr D.D. Naik (Retd.) CEO & President

The Founder and Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Cdr. Dipak D. Naik (Retd.), took voluntary retirement from Indian Navy on 10th August 1994, after 24 years of service. A retired Indian Navy officer who is now a very successful businessman and is well known in Automotive Business. As captain of Indian Coast Guard Ship Vajra, he was deployed as on the west coast of India. During his tenure he has sailed for many patrolling, search and rescue and ecological conservation missions along the Gujarat coast. Thus gaining extensive experience of sailing in coastal areas of Kutch, Saurashtra, Gulf of Kambhat and North Arabian Sea . He was also the On Scene Commander (OSC) of the largest oil slick mopping operation in Arabian Sea , when rising main of an oil production platform in Bombay High, burst on 23 May 1993. Nearly 80,000 tones of Crude Oil was spilled. It involved command, control and coordination of 11 ships, 5 aircrafts, 4 helicopters and 2000 men working round the clock for 11 days. The task was successfully completed amidst critical constraints caused by benzene fumes. Mitigation measures and Management Plans were made and executed involving ONGC, Airbases, Navy, National Institute of Oceanography, Coast Guard, etc.Cdr. Naik has carved the way to involve private professional agencies in Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) work, which was a monopoly of Government consultancy agencies prior to 1994. Post retirement Cdr. Naik had started NERIL (then DD and Associates) in 1995 as a proprietorship concern. The company then became a limited company in 2006. He has studied internationally accepted and adopted EIA methodologies and applied them suitably to the Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF) requirements in India. He has gained over fifteen years of broad ranging experience in planning, managing and implementing EIA research work for river valley projects in India. He has also acquired expertise in preparation of projects, fund raising, tenders and coordinating government and non-government organizations to achieve results

Cdr. Naik has developed training and facilitation skills necessary to deal with all the stakeholders in the process of development. This is an additional qualification along with skills of presentation and in defending EIA studies before apex committee like Environmental Appraisal Committee (EAC) of MOEF and the State Government. Due to repeated persuasion, follow-ups and technically sound reports, it was possible for him to bring about the policy level change at EAC level. The EAC has now made it mandatory to formulate the M & E framework for every EMP and its appropriate implementation due to his persistent efforts. He has designed and facilitated training programmes for Irrigation officers, at division, circle and state level and has also worked as a facilitator for training sessions at Central Water Power Research Station (CWPRS). He is well versed with the technical aspects of water resources projects, EIA studies and assessment of social aspects of water resources projects. Having conducted many Public hearings for collation of opinion of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) he has enabled to understand and record the opinion of stakeholders. Also he has exerted special communication skills at community level to deal with Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) issues and conflict resolutions. He is a member of professional associations like :-

Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC)

He was appointed as the Regional Director – Western Maharashtra (Pune, Sangli, and Satara & Kolhapur District) in the year 2004 and was elected as the Vice President MEDC in Sept 2009. Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC) has been actively connected and concerned with the industrial and economic development of Maharashtra since 1957.

Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA)

Government of Maharashtra appointed him as a “nominated member for environment” on the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) He made extensive studies for accomplishing the task and it proved to be a very critical experience in implementing